Dynamic pin nodes (Cons, Group) start with 1 pin only

Hi, I guess this is probably the case since the rework of IO pin groups.


Nodes with dynamic pin counts now start out with just 1 pin.
For frequently used dynamic nodes such as Cons or Skia Group, this doesn’t make much sense and always requires an extra ctrl+plus. I do understand that a single pin Cons can work as a FromValue but I think such use is limited and it’s enough to be able to go back to 1 pin with a Ctrl+minus, which is nice and wasn’t possible before.

Maybe consider adding default count next to the Pin Group setting in Inspektor? All these join type nodes can then be set to 2.

Tested in gamma 150.

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When you define a collection pin group (like the ones used by Cons) one can now also define the default pin count of such a group which is for Cons now again two. Thanks for the report and will be fixed in upcoming previews.

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