Dynamic Mesh, Radial Expand


It’s about dynamic mesh,
I import a Mesh, do the Vertexpuffer thing and now i just add random spread to the list of coordinates the deform, in that case a sphere (x file).
The goal so far is that the sphere get spikes (to the sound than of course).

I did get and setSlice (generate Indeceslists) for x,y,z so i can access the axis. Is there a better way to manipulate a ?Vertex?.

Now the Points should be expand radial…

I work with an mathematician, and he be able to send me the formulas.

I want to ask in the first place if my way with Get and SetSlice is a proper way and maybe some of you did something similar, and as i know vvvv there could be a node which does radial calc anyway :)



PS: I don’t get the Attraktorshader working, that could do something in this direction.

If you showed us how far you have gotten, it would be more easy to help you.

a geometry-shader like this one probably would be the fastest solution. even if this might be a bit harder to achieve, the effort might pay off.

Here is my my Patch so far,

i will have a look at the geometrie shader. I know, writing shaders is the thing and i have to get into it.

First i will try my, Get/SetSlice thing, when this is a usual way.


Sample Patch for Dynamic Mesh with random values. (67.9 kB)

I recognized, the SetSlice is not proper setuped in the samplepatch, but you guys will get the idea…
… and should used I instead… used vvvv 10 years ago… …back with full excitement! :)

welcome back,

guess by radial you mean expanding away from the surface?
because that would just be the directions of the normals

check girlpower/fluiDynamicSphere.v4p

and a simple sample attached.

and in case your spikes don’t have to loose themselves from the rest of the geometry it’s also doable as a pure vertexshader function.

sun.zip (66.7 kB)

yes, woei is right. one of those vertexshaders might do the trick as well.