Dynamic mapping on Mask-Objects

Hi vvvvers,

I’m currently playing around with an idea for a project. Maybe some of you have ideas, how this could be done.

I’m thinking of bringing together 3d mapping with mask theater. The performers would wear abstract objects as masks (with a size of let’s say about 40-70 cm^3). The masks would be simple geometric primitives like cubes or cones, nothing too complex.

Onto that projection surface I would like to project some content like a 3d-Model of an animal-head, or whatever… something cool ;)

At the moment i’m thinking of using maybe a wireless arduino with a gyroscopice sensor inside the masks, to deliver the rotation values of the mask-object.

Then there should be some kind of tracking to get the position of the actors on stage. Maybe with a kinect?

What du you think?



this stuff u want, u need alot of programming, and quite cmplex setup.
i would go openCV, IR tracking of lamps on objects…

okay… complexity and work should not scare. If the theatre likes the concept I might get the capacities zu hire programmers for that job. Though I’d like to try to do as much as possible myself.

What do you think about seperating the tracking into the rotation done with a gyroscopic sensor, and the translation done with CV?

well that makes sence, if u got high percission gyros, still u prolly gonna need to sync it with video trackin, gonna see Elliot this weekend, i’ll try to ask might he got something ready for CV. Still u gonna need ID each shape, that’s on my taste is possible if u track some kind of pattern on them (like simple symbol made from IR LED’s)

That sounds very interesting. So, it would be neccessary to have patterns of IR-LEDs all around the mask-object. Are there any nodes / plugins that manage the tracking of such a thing? I guess fiducial tracking won’t work over the distances of a stage, would it?

how big is the stage or the tracking area?
how fast will they move?

One of the biggest issues in that kind of Project is latency.
you have to track an Object and project on it

so you can make the choreographie slow or have a lot of static moments
but when you have a lot of movements
a gyro sensor (wifi) is for this to slow and syncing is horror - kinect is also slow

but Antokhio is right
a good Framerate trackingcamera and IR-LEDs is a solution but not perfect

ID is very important, you have to make LEDgroups and with this LEDgroups you can calculate their position and rotation in the room

We made an Dynamic mapping with frequented Leds - so the Blinking Frequenz gave the ID - and with 3 Leds you have a normal vector so you have the rotation without an additional sensor
but I also like the idea to define shapes or symbols for ID but always take care that the camera see the LEDs

cheap solution and very small stage: its also possible with an kinect - body and head tracking - shoulders and head make the rotation

another cheap solution or hack: make markers with reflector tapes - so you have your id - or mark the dancers …

There are a lot of things but in the end I’ll say
big stages and dynamic mapping will make you crazy ;)

Oh sorry
I read it again
do you realy need a precise position of all elements in virtual and real 3DSpace
or is it just a masking with ID

so more like this?

minute 2:00