Dynamic delay/rubber banding on live feed


I’m looking to make a video mirror that has variable lag, the effect being that it appears to be a mirror that sometimes reflects exactly and other times delays by up to a few seconds. To add to the unsettling effect I want the delay to be dynamic so it’s not predictable.

I’m new to VVVV, but I have done some node based programming before but I thought I would save myself a lot of work by seeing if anyone has done this or has any tips or sketch templates.

Currently I’m working under the assumption that I need to create some kind of buffer file and overlay the live feed using old frames dictated by a fluctuating input.
That or process the video as a series of images and change the playback to be 30fps +or- in a sine wave or something so I can ensure it catches up regularly (a sort of rubber banding effect where it will lag then rush to catch up after a time).

Basically I have no idea how to implement this elegantly and I can barely use the VVVV interface so far, but I know what I want.



Check this
with some mods it can work as realtime video buffer.


not exactly a smooth timescratch but rather a random jump to past frames but still this could give you an idea for the basic setup:



Thanks friends, I also came to the ringbuffer conclusion… what have i signed up for haha!
now to implement it eek


You can look here:


this exactly, should be what you want…