Dynamic Concatenation


I’d like to know if there is a way to concatenate a dynamic number of values?

A simple example here:

I could use the Cons node to concatenate these 4 values. But if there are more values, I have to change de InputPinCount of the Cons node and relink. Not possible when there are a lot of things to connect.

As far as I know from my research in the forum, it’s not possible.
But have you an idea of a workaround?

Sorry, I posted the same question under the SuperPhysical post, but I think it’s more clear to have it in a new post with the right title


I think I understand that with this SuperPhysical, an user have to manage arrays (spreads) with Cons.
If so, this is a pretty nasty scenario, from my point of view, because probably you would then dynamically build and fill your patches via SetPatch.
Pretty nasty, from my point of view, because you’ll have to manage every aspect of a patch (nodes, position*, pins, links, etc.), all controlled by a flawless logic (there will be no “there’s a better approach, but this will do anyways”).
Also, imho, it’s very difficult to build a SetPatch process that could be useful in different scenarios; that can be easily reused with other projects, that is.

But I may be brutally wrong: probably you just need Cons, IOBoxes, more pins on a node: a few nodes and “minor” mods on already existing nodes. And probably SetPatch is not as complicated as I see it.

*Yeah, position too, because if you want to have a look at what’s not going as expected, nodes should have enough “personal space” to be comfortably checked.

Making it dynamic via SetPatch is a very good idea.
Thank you man.

I post the patch if I succeed…

Ok, I have something working now:

SuperPhysicalFileManager3.zip (46.0 KB)

The idea is to send Cons node for a dynamic number of parameters (of different types, Colors, Values, String, DX11 Geometry…) and a dynamic number of objects

I have the feeling that a dev or an advanced user could replace all this mess (11 subpatchs…) by a simple node… But it works.

Now I have to integrate it into Superphysical to have a handy object manager.

Thanks h99 for the SetPatch idea, it’s a cool workaround.


You actually did it. Wow.
Well, good luck!

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