DXT1 Detection - Non Specific - Player EX9

Hey everybody,

my Player (EX9.Texture) doesn’t detect some files as DXT1 ???

I attached some dds files from an old project, which it detects, those are created exactly the same way as the new ones (also attached)

Uncompressed PNGs --> NVidia DDS Converter --> DXT1 without anything --> create

The only thing that is different is the resolution, but that couldn’t be it, right?

I am using an ATI 295X2, but that shouldn’t matter either.

When I put the new files in the player, I just get a white Texture, TTY doesn’t really say anything, if I force the Player (EX9) to DXT1 Format it still doesn’t detect anything an if I use another format like A8R8G8B8 the Framerate drops to 10 or lower, actually I tried everything from DXT1 to DXT5 with SSD Converter and Compressonator, but it doesn’t detect the right format itself or reads the files even from an SSD Raid0 really slow.

Any help regarding this would be great.

Please try to play the attached files and tell me what your info(EX9) says.


new.rar (16.8 MB)
old.rar (21.8 MB)
Player_test.v4p (28.5 kB)


4230 is not dividable by 4 -> DXT1 saves Information in Blocks 4x4