DX9Texture / TexCoords


i am trying to create a texture with TexCoords that measures 9600 x 2208, but out of TexCoords or respectively of the DX9Texture in the subpatch is always coming 8192 x 2208.

I have no idea why that is. Its not an integer multiple of each other. Or is there a max size for textures of 8192, since its a power of 2 number?

thanks! larifari

Thats almost certainly cropped by your gpu max size I’m afraid.

so how do i get the gpu in the inspektor to change that? no just kidding.
but this does mean this card cant do more - is this a general limit or is every card different?

cards are different. check the “Caps” output of the Device (EX9 Auto) node, which reports MaxTextureWidth/Height (note: needs a Renderer (EX9) open to be working!)

ah ok, says max is 16384 x 16384 - so should work no?

hm…indeed. so i wonder if there is another constraint when using DX9Texture…

two ideas:

  • DX9Texture has an input called “Repair” (via Inspektor). what happens if you turn that off?
  • can you try loading a FileTexture with a size larger than 8192 and see if that loads correctly?

Hm, actually, an Info(EX9.Texture) after TexCoords says 9600x2208.
But the Writer (EX9.Texture) after it just puts out 8192x2208.

Okay I think I found it - as a PNG the resulting file is 8192x2208, as DDS or JPG its 9600x2208, so it seems its related to PNG format, no?

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