dx9Texture sphere

I’ve been using DX9 texture to warp video onto a sphere. I found that by playing with the width and height of dx9Texture, I can alter the resolution as it looks very blocky if left at zero. These numbers don’t seem to quite behave as I expected though, ie going higher doesn’t always seem to produce better results. Can anyone offer any tips on acheiving the highest possible resolution dx9 texturing a sphere?

i might be wrong but lower resolutions can look better as the blown up pixels get blurred by the graphicscard.

with higher resolution you probably see some sort of Moiré-Effekt ?

please provide some pictures.

I’m not at the studio at the moment. I’ll get some up later on…

I just found this thread which may be helpful…

Ok, I’ve improved the resolution a little, but there is still a jaggedness around everything. I’ll attach an image here…

screenshot2.png (186.4 kB)

do you actually wrap “video” onto the sphere? if so, what’s the videos’ resolution?

Perhaps turn on some anti-aliasing on the renderer? If you use an other renderer for pre-processing, check the resolution (backbuffer width and height) of that renderer.

If you can post a patch with the isolated trouble we can look at it.

How can I turn on anti-aliasing? The only option seems to be none here…

I figured out that this jagged effect is much worse around the equator of the sphere. I’m using ‘Top Projected XY’ for the texture coord mapping and it creates a weird distortion around the equator. Is there any way to avoid this happening?