dx9Texture not working with gtx680M

Hi There,

It seems the dx9Texture node isn’t working with my new gtx680M in certain circumstances - for example the output of one shader as an input texture to another.

In the example patch I get a blank screen. If I run it on the integrated gfx card on the same machine it works fine (but obviously terrible performance) and also works fine on other cards.

I assume this is most likely a driver issue since Invidia have yet to release a driver for this card. I’m using the one supplied for this machine - which is based on the gtx670M

I was wondering if anyone else is running a gtx680M yet to test?


dx9TextureProblem.zip (2.9 MB)

Running gtx680m and get the attached screenshot.


Thanks for the grab. So it’s working OK on your system - whats the rest of your specs {OS etc) btw? And do you know what gfx driver your running?


W7 x64
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680m - driver version - date 21/05/2012

Good luck!