DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) format

Hi there!

I have a problem regarding DX9Texture (EX9.Texture).

Specifically, when changing the format pin, some formats seem to work and others don’t (the output is an empty 0x0 texture, Info gives format description: nil).

The input is a Renderer(EX9); it’s backbuffer format does not seem to influence the problem.

Some formats that work:


And some that return no texture:


I came about this issue when working with the texture output of Depth (Kinect Microsoft), which uses the L16 format. The Kinect depth Microsoft issues with depth texture for displaying the texture, as it is usually very dark, is using Levels (EX9.Texture Filter). This, however, does not work for me, as Levels internally uses DX9Texture and the L16 Format is one of those that do not work. The example patch for Depth (Microsoft Kinect) does not work for me for this reason (black renderer, empty texture).

I would usually say this is just a incompatibility across the format types (I am not a format-expert, I admit), but what makes me think it is not is A) for many very similar formats, like A4R4G4B4 and X4R4G4B4, one works and one doesn’t, and B) that it should work with format L16, as it is being used for Depth (Microsoft Kinect).

Attached image and patch show my problem.

Using 45beta33.3 x86 + addonpack
Windows 7 64bit

Thanks in advance for your help!

DX9Texture Bug example (4.8 kB)

hei dominik,
i am afraid it is just so that supported formats are a graphiccard thing. L16 eg. works fine on my rather old mobile quadrofx880m. can you try the same on a different card?

L16 with kinect depth = black image
There is a conversion under the hood in kinect nodes (KinectMS ones)
Also I’m pretty sure u can convert that in dx11, but unless u know exactly what cha doing i would’t even bother.