DX9Texture and png transparency problem. Again


It is not for first time to me to have problem with transparency. I have read another threads about this, but I have not found solution… I have a png image with transparency which I want to be spreaded and animated (for ex. rotating the Y axis). But I wish, every individual DX9 texture in the spread always to stay frontal, when the whole stucture is rotated (I don`t know yet how). I am at the beginning, but now I could not set the Blend node the DX9Texture to be transparent in the second renderer.

I appreciate any help… (the patch is attached )

DX9Texture.Transparency.zip (63.3 kB)

i don’t really get what you’re trying to achieve, but maybe something like this?

DX9.Transparency_2.v4p (122.1 kB)

Thanks for suggestion m4d! I see the transparency now is resolved, and with the bilboard node the transformation also is applied in the right way. Thank you!