Dx9 vs.ex9

my system Win7 64bit and I still have to use 32bit version of vvvv, due to FreeFrame and another missing nodes in 64bit build.
running different patches I get very similar picture - ex9 is ALWAYS slower then dx9, like
geforce 670
beta 31.2: dx9 - 84fps; ex9 - 44fps
beta 34.2: dx9 - 80 fps; ex9 - 44fps
geforce 675MX
beta 31.2: dx9 -36fps; ex9 - 23fps
beta 34.2: dx9 - 43fps; ex9 - can get my texture chain to work
Is this drawback by ex9 design, or I miss some special graphic card settings for ex9?
thanks, dimi

what exactly do you mean by dx9/ex9? what exactly is your test?

I start the same patch in two different ways:
beta 31.2 - 1. like normal
2. via bat file with start vvvv.exe /dx9ex
beta 34.2 - 1. like normal
2. via bat file with start vvvv.exe /dx9

could you upload a demo patch that show the behavior?

ok dx9ex (that is different from ex9)…anyway weird that it would be such a huge difference. there is a direct3d-internal difference in resource-allocation for dx9ex so i guess depending what exactly you do in your patches this can have different consequences on performance…

can you prepare a simple patch that shows this difference?

It’s not original patch, I just try to replicate things with similar behavior.
what I’ve noticed about EX9:
on my laptop there is no boost in Fullscreen mode (comparing to DX9)
on desktop in Fullscreen mode- frame rate unstable/ green -preparagraph
benchmarks inside
@joreg: is there another way to share texture in 31.2 then start with /dx9ex?

DX9_vs_EX9.v4p (50.8 kB)

i’m afraid, no other way…i don’t know about dx11 though.