DX9 segments on top of background image - how to get smooth edges?

Hi, all! I’m a vvvv beginner.

I have a set of rainbow-coloured segments that I’ve placed on top of a background image.

However, there still seems to be some slightly pixelated black-ish edges on the segments. Is there any kind of mask feathering or something I can do? I saw the example in the girlpower folder, but I didn’t like the blurglow effect. I’ve changed texture sizes and added renderer antialiasing.

.v4p is attached. Thanks!

How can I get smooth edges? (16.2 kB)

you should use inspektor (ctrl + i) to set anti aliasing on the renderer

I’ve already done that, and I’ve changed the dx9texture size. Both renderers’ background colours have alpha set to 0. Maybe someone could have a look at the patch above, and see if I’ve missed something?

Here’s a screenshot from the patch. As you can see, the segments get a slight black edge when they’re up against the background texture:


Can’t check now, did you change the back buffer size from 0 in the renderers?
If set to 0 the renderer work at the resolution corresponding to its size on screen.

i think you did it correct, but you are re-scaling renders to not match your original size anymore.

So few things, the anti aliasing: You do it on a black background, so all the pixels will fade to black to remove the jagged pixels. Now, you are using a bright white/blue background, this means the black border show up. So either don’t use anti aliasing, or make your renderer light blue with alpha zero, or make your texture 2 times bigger than the final and the shrinking will gain you some anti aliasing.

did you know you can make hidden pins visible, so you can just link the texture size to the origional renderer? :) video tutorials#tutorial 8 herr inspektor

You can render the segments over your background image in the same renderer, then no need to use dx9texture.

edges_.v4p (11.7 kB)

Thanks for all the help, guys! Cleared up a few things I had overlooked, and a couple of misconceptions.