Dx9 rendering not going fullscreen on windows 8.1 with optimus hardware

Hi all,
i’ve installed windows 8.1 some days ago, and after that the rendering dx9 dosen’t go fullscreen. i’ve experienced some similar problems in multimonitor setups, caused probably by nvidia optimus system. I know that win8.1 has something new about multimonitoring support, so i think should be something related. but i’ve experienced the problem with only 1 monitor (the laptop default one).
dx11 render works fine.

i’ve tried to update the video drivers to the last version for win8.1, and also updated the dx9. but nothing to do. any advise? has someone the same problem?

so i’m the only one?

same here!

i cannot comment on the optimus situation but going fullscreen on win8.1 even failed without it. we’ve fixed that with latest alphas by now defaulting to /dx9ex. please try and report.

i’m having the same problem with win8 (not 8.1) on a macbook pro with AMD 6600M graphics, so not optimus related.

here’s what i experienced:
b31, no dx9ex -> works as expected
b31.2, no dx9ex -> renderer (ex9) does not stay fullscreen :(
a31.7 (probably with dx9ex) -> works as expected

i’d prefer not having dx9ex enabled as i ran into some problems with certain patches (strange exceptions after some time running, very hard to track down…)

motzi a31.7 has dx9ex enabled by default and also has a thing fixed that sounds like your strange exceptions after some time running. so please give it another shot and report if you still get those. preferrably in a new thread and with an example…

and still waiting for reports if latest alphas go fullscreen on optimus with a dx9 renderer.

I can confirm that Renderer (EX9) goes full screen properly in a31.7 (x64) on Windows 8.1 with Optimus. :)

@delta43: interesting. this contradicts other reports. can you specify your nvidia driver?

@delta43: Wooow, sounds good!!! :))

Two questions:

1.) Can you confirm that you are definitely using the discreet GPU with V4?
You will have to specify which GPU you’d like the system to use with your favorite version of V4. Default is integrated (Intel HD) graphics which works for me too in windowed and fullscreen mode. Downside here obviously: using the on board graphics will not provide the juicy graphics performance you’d like for your patches.

You can check the state of your system with the Optimus test tool.

2.) The actual problem on Windows 8.1 + Optimus + alpha 31.7 is that the DX9 renderer stays black in WINDOWED mode as soon as the discreet GPU is ON. Means nothing will show up in the windowed renderer, no matter what’s connected, provided that the powerful graphics card is in action.
As soon as it goes fullscreen, all is back to normal. At least on my system here.

See this thread for links and details: forum-alpha/optimus-and-v4-behaving-differently-on-different-os-versions-%28win-7-win-8.1%29