DX9 modules finding DX11 Constant.fx instead of DX9

In my vvvv installs, the PerspectiveLookAt Rect modules (there are two) both find the DX11 version of Constant.fx, which breaks their Helper outputs. Double-clicking the Constant node, selecting the DX9 version, and saving it fixes the problem, so looks like some files in the release need to be upated (this is with 34.2 x64, haven’t checked 35 yet) or things in DX11 moved to prevent name collisions.

hm…i can confirm (and have fixed) this for PerspectiveLookatRect (Transform) but not for PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform ViewProjection). if you look at the .v4p xml source of both you see that the former has an old-style ambiguous reference to Constant.fx while the latter has a solid reference to Constant (EX9.Effect). so i have no clue how you could have created that screenshot…can you recheck and upload the file here if you can reproduce it?

34.2 (which is what my screen shot is of) has the …\…\…\effects\constant.fx reference, but in beta35 the Transform ViewProjection node is OK with %VVVV%\lib\nodes\effects\Constant.fx.

weird because for me both 34.2 and 35 show exactly the same correct path for PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform ViewProjection) but then lets consider this case closed. thanks for the pointer!

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