DX11 version of > Texture - EX9.Texture Split

I try to get RGBA split of a dx11 texture.
Is there a way to archieve it with the actual nodes ?
Thank you

You can do as module, otherwise a simple plug can also sort it out, I’ll check quickly to do one.

there is ColorChannelRemap (DX11.TextureFX), and you can also spread its inputs to get spread of textures on output

Hi unc,

Maybe I was not clear,

What I’m looking for is an equivalent of the Texture (EX9.Texture Split A32B32G32R32F).

I want to get RGBA values of each pixel of low resolution images.

I don’t get how can I use ColorChannelRemap (DX11.TextureFX)

you mean pipet? there is one in packs\DX11\girlpower\sm5\directcompute\pipet\