Dx11 to Dx 9 showing black screen only in the dx9 renderer


What the title says. I am trying to convert dx11 texture to dx9 but it is only appearing a black screen in the dx9 renderer even though the dx11 renderer displays the scene. This is occurring even in the offical help patch of the dx11 to dx9 node.
Edit: I have tried changing the renderer format to R16G16B16A16_Float, however it still doesn’t work.

Is this a known issue? Even if there isn’t a solution yet, I would like to know if it is a known issue so that I can at least take note of this.


I’m afraid there are indeed known issues with texture-sharing. I just tested the helppatch with b37_x64 and it works here. I see you’re using the _x86 version. Can you try _x64?

Thank you for your reply, I tested it again on both b36_x64 and b37_x64 but to no luck.
In both versions the dx9 renderer remained black.

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