DX11 Texture2D designer mips


Is it possible to render to texture mip levels directly?
I don’t want to use normal filtering for the resampling, e.g. I want to always keep the highest value.

right now i’m using a spread of textures with different sizes (1024, 512, 256, etc)
and also trying with all mips in one flattened texture (spiral style)

well if u want to get mip level directly u can do tex.SampleLevel(s0,uv,miplevel)
but to write to it u gonna need some customized plugin… i haven’t herd anything to write from shader to mip…

internet info is pretty low

@antokhio - thanks for the advice!
in the end i just stacked all the mips into one double height texture
i didn’t need filtering so that worked for me (otherwise you’d get weird filtering at the edges of each mip)