Dx11 texture loading problem

hi all,
i’m trying to work with tiles with dx11, converting some old studd i did with dx9.
But i found a big difference in the dx11 texture loader instead of dx9 one.
When i have a spread of strings as input, and i change only a slice (say a tile), the dx9 load only the changed one, intstead the dx11 reload all the textures in the spread (making a tile based engine impossible).
am i doing something wrong, or there’s no way to achieve the same behavior of dx9 filetexture node?

thx all ;)

made a little example to understand the behavior.
the only tile changing is the upper-right one, but dx11 filetexture reload all the tiles, all the time.

ps. now the filetexture nodes are setted to load in background, so you can notice the reload, but i can confirm that it happens also without “load in background” pin activated…

texture_test.zip (3.2 MB)

setslice texture array m8

thx antokhio, i’ve tried with it, but the problem is that i am in a very complex situation, with a lot of texture to load, so is not possible to load all the texture on start, and “buffer” it in some way to reuse it later. i need to load the things on the fly from disk…

Yep it’s on my todo list )

thanks for the answer mrvux ;)