Dx11 texture issues

I have a project with a fairly complex set of rendering chains, using many tfx and shaders

Often the texture that is meant to be the result of a particular renderpass in one chain, may end up as the texture in a completely different place, and mayvbe if a different chain.

Sometimes two textures will combine in a strange way with some ‘corruption artefacts’

Sometimes the offending chain ca be reset by brealing and remaking a link in that chain. Otherwise you need to find the rendererer or tfx that is genereating that texture and delete + remake it

It’s a real pita

u need to maintain order
if mem get’s adressed wrongly or some shader makes video card go crazy…
different format
chaining like that tfx still not the best option i guess

That wasn’t really clear. Do you have any suggestions for fixing / reducing the problem?

btw boni i forgot that u were prolly doing ur own shaders, and situation u described is more likly sounds like u have some troubles in ur code, like u forgot to rename texture when sampling somewhere, or something rewrites something it shuld’t.
Grab preview and check every texture pin u got, so u might track where u have error.

something similar reported https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/11603

yeah I found some weird bug while using Gradient tfx, sounds similar to yours MrBoni

blame microsoft, but check for errors…

Guess this relates to :

Fixed now, had a double unlock