Dx11 Texture from renderer


I was using Dx9 and trying to adapt my patches to Dx11. Can anyone help me to take Dx11 Texture from Dx11 Renderer. Is there any specific node like Dx9 Texture?

Thanks in advance

Use “Renderer (DX11 TempTarget)” in place of “Renderer (DX11)”

Thank you. But still i am having difficulties about using Dx11 nodes.
All Dx11 nodes works very different according to Dx9 nodes.
Thanks again.

the default dx11 renderer also has a Texture Out.

then regarding an introduction to dx11 start reading here: graphics

and the patches here:

and look for the “DirectX 11 Rendering Techniques I” workshop materials here: node13-workshop-material

Thank you joreg.

May be it is a silly question but i tried everything in Dx9 it works fine but in Dx11 i am lost. I am trying to save renderer as image (like jpg,png etc.)
I can take texture with your guidence directly from renderer. But still coudn’t find proper Writer node for Dx11 to save to a folder.