DX11 text - depth interpretation problem

Hi all,
i’m trying to use dx11 text in a 3d enviroment.
but i have some problem understanding how to have a correct rendering about text. for example i have a quad, and i want that a text is behind the quad and one in front of. Of course this is only a basic example (i’m attaching an example patch).
thanks all

ps. another question: why text dx11 dosen’t have a renderstate pin?

depthtest.v4p (10.1 kB)

no one?.. no text …

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About no states, Blend/Rasterizer are pretty fine tuned for this rendering, so changing them don’t make sense (unless a custom pixel shader gets provided as well).

Since Text makes heavy use of clip/discard, depth is also rather tricky.

I’ll look to add blend mode for next release.

i’m working on a shader which will use the distance field bitmaps and the fnt xml files spit out from this site: http://kvazars.com/littera/
this is a result done only with alpha-testing the distance field:

seems quite interesting, hope to see a contribution soon, because the text is always a mess in vvvv :))
in the meantime for my project i solved in a rude way (turn the alpha of the text to 0 when needed.

Please note in next release text and text (advanced) will both have renderstate pin.