DX11 -> splinesGPU


are there any re-implementations of woei’s SplinesGPU in DX11?


hey again.

i am trying to port the existing dx9 splinesGPU contribution to DX11 (see download below).

unfortunately it doesn’t work :(
“Geometry is missing semantics: TEXCOORD1”
how can i set the semantics for the geometry?

and another question:
are there better ways with DX11 to realize these splines? for example with a dynamic buffer instead of the dynamic texture?

thanks in advance!

splineGPU DX11.zip (6.9 kB)

Have a look in the MRE engine in contributions, theres an implementation in there

thx catweasel!

i extracted everything that is needed. but it doesnt work properly.
see attached patch. does anyone see whats wrong with it?

splinetest.zip (29.8 kB)

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/10525 seems related

edit: and so does this.


the first link is exactly the same dx11 spline patch as in the mre engine.
and the second link doesnt contain any spline stuff?!