DX11 Reflection with realtime cubemap

yes, how :)

This is an example patch in DX9 of what I mean.

Cubemap is taken by setting position of DX9Texture in CubeMap mode.

There is a reflection example in the mre mod by microdee.

Just in case someone knows.


_Advanced_CubeMap + Attractor.rar (11.6 kB)

bumpglossed- -dx11-version
Try this…

o ffs!

bumpglossed- -dx11-version

copy and paste that! sick of trying to get that link to work!


bumpglossed- -dx11-version

hm jes okey thanks but it doesn’t solve the part of how the cubemap is generated. :)

renderer DX11CubeTexture?

Located where the object is, or in the patch I’m doing at the moment, where the camera is…

What I’d like to know is how to blur a cubemap, seen things about spherical harmonics, but so far can’t quite understand it!

ah thanks this was too easy…

okey now binormals and tangents are missing for my generative mesh. lets see…