DX11.Particles Workshop

One Sentence: Whats happening in your workshop?
We will give an overview of the dx11.particles pack and dig a bit deeper into the nodes to show, how everything works together.
Also we give you an idea, how to customize the particlesystem for your special needs in complex projects.
In the end there will be creative patching time where we will answer your questions. The goal is to build a creative tool in combination with kinect + vive.

What 3 tags describe your workshop?
dx11.particles, VR, Kinect

In which of the three categories does your workshop fall: beginner, intermediate, advanced

How long will your workshop be?

Who is the target audience of your workshop?
Anyone who is interested in particlesystems

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Medium/good, dx11 (HLSL, Compute Shader) knowledge

What will attendees of your workshop learn?

  • architecture of dx11.particles
  • how to use and combine emitters, selectors, modifiers, effectshaders to create complex scenarios
  • customizing dx11.particles
  • integration in other pipelines (eg. Instance Noodles pack)
  • using dx11.particles with external hardware like Kinect or HTC Vive

What technical requirements does your workshop have (apart from internet and a projector)?
DirectX11 Graphics card (Shader model 5) notebooks
Windows 8 or 10

In which chapters is your workshop structured?

  • quick introduction to dx11.particles
  • the heart of dx11.particles: emitters, selections & modifiers
  • explanation of buffers and their job during one frame in the dx11.particles lifecycle
  • how to create custom attributes / emitters / selectors / modifiers
  • creative patching + Q&A

Who would be the two hosts?
Robert Willner (tmp) & Marko Ritter (velcrome)

How would the hosts qualify for the topic?
Both hosts work at www.intolight.de and created some helpful packs for vvvv over the past years (e.g. message or dx11.pointcloud)


To give you more info:

Three hours is of course not enough to cater for everything. so our intro will be concice, and give you some starting points to explore. This will be followed up by some patching, to help you along your own ideas.
We are planning to set up a paraphysical test environment to make them particles swirl, in case this proposal goes through.

That said, we as potential hosts had a talk the other day, and were wondering if there is an audience for a more in-depth sweatshop, where the author explains internals and the concepts behind them, so as to empower people to write powerful Emitters, Behaviours, Selectors or (in our dreams) Sortings in raw compute shaders and custom dx11-vvvv plugins.
If so, please speak up.

If you just want the “intermediate” version, don’t forget to leave a like above ;)

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Hi @velcrome, thanks for the update. I’m most definitely looking in to more internals c# plugin codding and api’s then anything, the workshop list confirmed and suggested don’t have enough level for guys who maintain and produce packs and contributions, also raw buffers is really theme for me right now…