Dx11.particles - grid lines

Hi there,
I have a question regarding the dx11.particles pack & kinect2.
@tmp & @velcrome
Why are there grid lines at specific distances?
Is it hardware, kinect2 related?
How can I get rid of these?
Am I the only one seeing these?

Any hints and thoughts are much appreciated.
Please see the attached image and marked grid lines with red arrows.

thats very typial for the kinect output. sorry, not much the pack can do about it

Try to change scale of your sprites
Also you can modify emitter with a little random offset

you might add a little noise on the birth positions

e: like @antokhio said with a little random offset

Thank you for replying so quickly!
Just scaling the sprites is a solution, but it leads to even worse quality and is therefor not really suitable.
@sebl randomising the emission sounds good, do you have a working example?

no exmple here. i’d first simply try to blend some noise via tfx nodes. if that isn’t already cool, then you could modify a particle emitter node by applying the noise directly before emitting.

try this poissondisk.zip (2.4 KB)

Thanks @antokhio
I will keep you updated, if I find a solution.
Need to spend some time with it, as it is randomising too much at the moment, I think.


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