Dx11 particles counter node broken

I am trying to use different dx11 particles counter nodes in a kinect setup. Now here’s the problem: Everytime I start the patch one of the counter nodes lights up red. It seems like it’s not finding the right selection group (although it worked right before closing the patch). The other counter node works just fine.


First time I try to change the selection group in the counter node I get a list of buffers somehow (see picture). The whole thing only works after I delete the node, change the name of the selection upstream and plug a new counter node in. Then I am able to select the right selection group again. Repeat ad infinitum. Anybody knows what the problem might be so I can break this vicious cycle?


Need to take a look but I doubt there would be fix for that, likely the enum yo are looking for created frame after a patch start so you don’t have it initially… But I might be wrong…

You have to upload a patch so somebody can test it on another machine…

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