Dx11 particles cause "NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver" problem

hi to all. i´m using an asus notebook with GeForce GT 635M and Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM CPU 2,3GHz processor. often record my visuals with fraps and never got problems. but once i had a big problem with dottore´s “ParticlesGPU_3d_Dynamic_FieldTexture”. maybe i misunderstood his suggestion at the end of his gpu-guide: “When you find the correct settings for your mesh you can write it as an X File… Then you can use FileX […] node to load the mesh instead of using the Mega Mesh Module”. was writing the output of “ParticlesGPU_Mesh_Quad” to the writer and when reloading vvvv crashed down. all patches with the the fieldtexture had been damaged. connections between nodes did no more exist. a pc_accident as funny as seen in a bad scifi film :-) and are not working until today. (was with this problem here in the forum). deleted library. downloaded new version. unsuccessful. WHAT´s WRONG WITH MY PC?? :-( or cause dx11 particles problems on elder grafic cards? does anybody else know similar problems? thankyou

hey udo, thanks for opening the thread. much better to talk here than in tweets.

so just to make sure I understand you correctly, are you referring to the old ex9 particles from dottore?
or are you talking about @tmp 's dx11-particles?

For dx11-particles it is recommended to have at least shader model 5. Most compute shader would work with shader model 4 (i.e. dx10) but we did have some issues with older cards, hence the general recommendation.

From your tweet I assume you saw a crash of your graphics drivers. Because vux took great care to prevent such a thing, this should be rare (and usually can be prevented with the newest drivers). If you can reproduce this, please tell us how.
Also, how did you set up Optimus?

Hi! You can have this if your GPU gets out of RAM…
But i think you just burned down your GPU…
There are some GPU stress tests, you can find on the web and try them. If you don’t get bsod try clean reinstall windows.
Otherwise i’ve would look for a new laptop…

thanks velcrome, thanks antokhio for quick response. @velcrome: i tried to install dx11_particles. with newest dx11 version+new vvvv. because error code i was thinking at the self-caused crash with dottore´s dx9 particles. ok, my elder grafik_card surely NOT supports shader model 5. and @athokhio: does´nt sound soothing that i´ve burned down my GPU :-) but possible… fact is: was bying a new and faster laptop half a year ago. still parcelled and an easy parking place for my rucksack ;-) …because all of the patches, help-programs+my half live memories in the elder one. but it´s the time to unpack new latop.

oh the joy of a new computer. and you get to keep the parcel too

@udo2013 see you at node

hello, it’s me again. since I am no specialist for grafigkards i informed myself about GeForce GT 635M. had the idea because dx11 particle workshop (contributions) needs shader model 5. runs on my pc for a while. nvidia_info: dx11/shader model5, nvidia optimus technologie. remembered your questions 1.crash of grafigdriver: “If you can reproduce this, please tell us how”. what do you mean? errorcode from tty_renderer? (kernel driver crash when trying to start helppatch) 2.“how did you set up optimus”. i did not set. used grafigkard with nvidia´s presets. where can i see details?

before opening dx11 particles example build patch with only tty-renderer. output was a loop which ended as i did quit “AssimpGeometry” patch (same windows-error code. patch stays, renderer windows is black). jpg is a screenshot from the beginning. don´t understand messages+don´t know if my idea with tty-patch makes sense.
apropos: “InstanceNoodels” is running without problems since i installed it. thank you

where did you download the particles pack from? which version of vvvv and dx11 do you use?

via VPM as suggested. here is a n other TTY protokoll. saved the tty_renderer inside dx11 particles and started again. error code is different. think this makes more sense.

"Hardware device removed " doesn’t sound like a good thing. i’d say this patch is either breaking your weak GPU or the GPU is half broken already. The 635M was slow when it came out, not to mention how old this chip is now compared to recent GPU’s.

Probably time to get something new…

ok,thanks u7angel. was the last try for my old notebook. will start with the new one. think gpu is half-broken. irritating is that nearly every vvvv_patch is working. …without complex particle-stuff. ok, “ich weiss dass ich nichts weiss”. ;-)

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