Dx11 particles bounce with custom mesh?

Is theres an easy way to have custom mesh instead of only a box ?

In general, collision detection on custom meshes is an intense workload. Therefore most engines use primitives like spheres and boxes. But check out gamma with VL.Fuse! There you can use SDFs for collision.

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thanks schlonzo

I was seeing this TouchDesigner example 1/3 TouchDesigner Vol.055 Play with Nvidia Flex Solver for interactive art - YouTube

I wanted to avoid SDF, if possible, to make patching more straightforward… just add a mesh and have it as collision

So tried sdf apprach in beta and it works


and this is me using beta

There should be a help patch somewhere that lets you “bake” your geo to this kind of 3d texture.

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yes with mesh sdf, but thats the thing you endup with a texture, you cant use animation from the mesh for example. Maybe theres a way similar to how the fluid3d works with obstacles and you can input a mesh