DX11.Particles alpha blend blinking

Hey there!

I have been using the dx11.particles pack quite a bit in Add blending mode (set via Blend Renderstate), and I’m having a strange behavior now that I’m trying to alpha blend.

In a very basic setup using Sprite, all particles blink continuously; while the same quad cloud replicated in a regular (non-particle) Constant effet shows ok.
I was beginning to suspect some z-sorting / drawing order trouble, but then noticed that the problem only shows up when I’m using Halo as a texture input, and disappears using a regular FileTexture as a transparent png.

I fall out of ideas that would make one ok and the other one blinking, just depending on the texture input.

Any ideas?
Attached is the basic setup to reproduce. You have both the Particles and Constant pipes in parallel, and a Toggle allowing to switch between Halo and FileTexture.

Thanks for your hints,

ParticlesSpriteBlend.zip (36.6 KB)

Try to use Blend (DX11.RenderState Advanced) and set the enabled pin to 1.

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