Dx11 particle sprite cubemap issue


I’m using the dx11 cubemap renderer to make a realtime cubemap of a field of particles, drawn using a compute shader / geometry shader combo as taught by Natan at Node.

When viewing the particles on a normal renderer the sprites (with halo dot image and additive blending) blend together nicely.

When rendering to a cubemap we see the sprites no longer blending together correctly (as if additive blending no longer works correcty) and we also see a difference in the way some of the cubemap faces renders, highlighted when not clearing the renderer.

Anyone have any ideas on what could cause tese two issues?

Thanks guys

Depth is enabled by default on cubemap (please note there is a bug when you disable depth in renderer, this is fixed in github, but not in your release).

You can just add A DepthStencil state node to your shader/layer to disable depth read/write.

ah, of course the depth buffer is always on. Is the bug a showstopper?

Why is the result different for every other one of the cubemap faces?