DX11 pack and importing 3D meshes


My goal:
I want to import a 3D file into vvvv to use it as an environment. My idea is to create an environment in blender with floating (maybe moving) objects, then import 1 3D file with everything into vvvv. In vvvv I want to place a camera into the imported environment and move the camera inside it to create a loop animation.

the problem
I tried to use the geometry file node but I cannot find it. I did download 2 packs: dx11 and dx.particles and put them into the the “packs” folder.

my question
How do I load the packs correctly and how can I import the meshes into vvvv?

Thank you in advance! I’m very new to this programm so any information will help a ton!

Hi, the main two nodes in vvvv dx11 pack is GeometryFile and Scene (Assimp)

To get things started you can try add this nodes and hit F1 when they are selected

If you running in to errors, pls provide some screenshots where they are…

Are you using beta or gamma? Those packs are for beta but you’ve posted in the gamma forum. If you are using beta you can also check out @woei’s SceneGraph.

That was most likely the problem. I was using gamma. I didn’t know I could only use these packs in beta. But I got it working now with the FileModel and ModelEntity node. Thank you!

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