DX11 nodes showing red, then grey, but no ability to connect and nothing on right click

I have just upgraded my motherboard and CPU to an asus Z97-A with a Intel Core i5 4590 processor with an ATI AMD Radeon R9 200. Previous to the upgrade I was on a an older 8 core i7, and P6T motherboard, which didn’t have USB3 natively, so wasn’t working with Kinect. I am now able to connect to the Kinect, but for some reason many of the DX11 nodes are showing red initially, then red.

I’m running windows 8.1 64Bit.

Everything dx9 seems to be running fine.

I’ve attached a picture of a few different examples.

Opening up the constant(DX11.Effect help.v4p you can see that many of the DX11 elements show up, but without links, if I drag constant.fx in, it pops in, and if I right click, it shows the contents, but isn’t working…

Any ideas?

Did you use 7-zip to unzip v4 and all the packs? I’ve had odd things happen when I’ve neglected to do that…

Ah, I have downloaded the latest pack, which is 32bit, need to click on the next link down which is 64bit… trying shortly.

Working… :)