DX11 mystery to get working

Hi all,
I seem to be having an issue trying to get DX11 relevant things to work. Some nodes are ok but some are red.

Im running
vvvv_45beta33.7_x64 //with matching addons

DX11 version is

For example it v4 tells me that packs/dx11/phongdirectional the shader is red sayings its missing however it is there in the right folder.

The renderer seems to be ok…meaning its not red.

Any tips?

also forgot to mentions I am on win7 64

Maybe you used the Windows tool to unpack? Use 7zip.

if you have phongdirectional in packs/dx11 there is already something wrong. it has to be in

not sure what you mean by that!?

if you’re opening any of the introductory patches from here:
where do you get which nodes red?

also check whether your root.v4p is correctly loaded, press Alt+R.

ok correction’s

  1. phongdirectional is in vvvv_45beta33.7_x64\packs\dx11\nodes\dx11
  2. is my gfx card driver version

when I load C:\Users\Adam\Desktop\V_Four_64\vvvv_45beta33.7_x64\packs\dx11\girlpower

The constant node, texture format and anti aliasing quality and Blur are red.

From 01_2D_Primitives_Overview

sprite, line and font are red

from 02_Texture_Overview
Perlin and Pipet are red

from 04_2D_Geometry_Overview and 05_3D_Geometry_Overview
Constant node is red

From 06_Loading_Geometry_Overview

PhongDirectional is red

hm… two questions:

in 01_2D_Primitives_Overview you say the Quad is not red. so do you see the wireframe quad (ie. two triangles) in the renderer?

if you open the helppatch of: Info (DX11) and press Refresh what do you get for:

  • Feature Level
  • Adapter Name (first output of the node)