DX11 Layer to Value for RGB LED-Matrix

Is there a way to convert a Layer from a DX11 Renderer to a normal Value for a Artnet RGB-Matrix which has a RGB input?


Have a look at the help patch of Pipet (DX11.Texture 2d). The texture input can be your layer from Renderer (DX11 TempTarget). The xy input has to be a matrix of 2d points of the same resolution as the renderer. You can create a matrix of points wtith Cross (2d), also lookup the helppatch. The output of pipet is the color of the pixel at each point which in turn can be split to RGB values. You will also find a lot of info in the forum regarding pipet.

Hi tgd,
thanks. There is only one problem, the Point is a Layer-output and the Pipet needs at xy a Vector and i cant find a typecast Node for it…

you dont need the point node, thats some old GDI stuff just for the help patch. when i said points it was just tongue not real datatypes. a point beeing a 2D vertex if you want, which in vvvv is a spread of 2 values. just zip the values from the cross outputs and stick it into pipet.

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