DX11 Latest Alpha build

As per last time, latest dx11 build alpha, so please test and report issue, plan is to release end of the week.

Usual changelog:

  • Fix Render State stack unwinding if an exception is caused during render
  • Fix Mip change on temp target renderer (was not locking the right texture).
  • Fix memory allocation issue on Quad layer node (from azeno)
  • Dynamic buffers should be faster in most cases, same speed in worst case, and consume less memory.
  • Add Viewport validator node (selects on viewport at object level).
  • Add SelectViewport (DX11.Layer), replacement for Transformation index pin in renderers (which was never working).
  • Add DispatchIndirect Node
  • FrameDelay will send a warning if it is fed a depthbuffer, but won’t crash
  • Fix issue in BubbleNoise texture fx
  • Add RawBuffer renderer
  • Shared Texture fix for 64 bits.
  • Added writer node for 1d texture.
  • Fix texture coordinates in Polygon geometry
  • Renderer (DX11.buffer), now uses an enum instead of Append toggle (so we can create counter buffers too)
  • Add Skeleton loader for assimp
  • Assimp bone matrices needed transpose
  • Fix memory leak in gsfx and autolayout. Also reduced the frequency for layout rebuild.
  • TextLayout node was not updating on enums change (alignment)
  • Texture FX can now use iterations at pass level.
  • Added Renderer (DX11.StreamOut)
  • Texture Array renderer has option to bind the whole render target instead of do one pass per slice (so slice selection can be done in Geometry shader).
  • Volume renderer can now be bound as render target too (so we can write to is with standard pipeline as well as compute)
  • DepthPipet module from unc
  • Pipet module from unc
  • DistortFlow texture fx from unc
  • Lomograph texture fx from unc
  • Kinect1, fix on depth texture node when updating resolution.
  • Kinect1, fix on player node, which had wrong resolution too.

Few more additions will come before final release, until then , happy testing :)

Test build (78.7 MB)

skeleton loader! ┻━┻︵ (°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻

yay! \o/… no text …

Latest changelog, since more fixes on the way:

  • Bullet physics nodes, in both 32 and 64 bits version.
  • IndexIndirect was not resetting properly sometimes.
  • Shader nodes have Layer In pin, so you can stack them without the need of using lot of group nodes.
  • Added background removal texture for kinect1

Wow can you explain this in detail please - seems to be a pretty neat thing?

Does it change something performance wise?

@tekcor It’s really simple. If you connect a shader upwards, it’s the same as if it was the next one in group list.

Performance wise you can have a little gain (but that’s likely negligible), but specially I find it helps a lot to keep patches tidier.

he vux - thanks again for this graeat contribution - tried the skeleton node with astroboy.dae with no luck (conncted to getJoint or select joint - which crashes) - how did you tested it?

edit: getJoint works fine - joint naming is different than colladas one.

Hey, just built an x64 version from the master branch on github

Tried the kinect2 nodes with a release version sensor and the v2 public release sdk.

All working well but no data coming from the face node. Frame number stays on 0.

just tested the viewport stuff and seems to work fine. thanks!