DX11 kinect v1 IR light not starting consistently

Hi all

I am having some trouble getting consistent behavior from one the original kinect.

It will not consistently turn on´, meaning that it actually starts and I can see it as started, but the IR light is not on and the skeleton tracking is not working.

Other times it works.

System is win7 x64 with beta33.3x86 and DX11 is version: vvvv-packs-dx11-b33x-x86

any suggestions?



I am also having trouble getting the Kinect to start consistently. it is not always starting and banging the reset pin is not always working.

am I the only one experiencing this?

it seems like I have been unfortunate/stupid to use the 1.8 drivers. when uninstalling those and installing the 1.7 drivers it seems (for now) to be working stable in a more predictable manner.