DX11: how to translate a mesh via texture and SpriteBuffered via coords

Hi all.
I’m a bit late to the dx11 party, I know; nonetheless I believe there’s another way to use a color from a texture to move objects, rather than using pipet node to retrieve values and passing them to a Translate node, but I don’t know even what to search for in node browser. In this particular case I’d like to move meshes along a single axis (I’ll use float numbers for the other two).

About SpriteBuffered, I have a bunch of 2d coords: how to use them to place sprites somewhere in space?
SpriteBuffered.v4p (13.8 KB)

Thank you.

About the sprites, that’s probably a bit of a noodles specific thing, since it’s from that pack. You might take a look through the girlpower folder to get an idea of how it works in general. Here’s your patch anyway:
SpriteBufferedFix.v4p (21.2 KB)

Ah, thank you! I misunderstood the meaning of XYZ pin on Sprite, so… WE GOT COLORS!
Really helpful hints in the patch. Thank you again.

EDIT: Also please excuse me, I didn’t mean to devalue Noodles by not citing it. It has been an inadvertence.

Haha no problem. Big point of instant noodles is that they are cheap… :D

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