Dx11 fog

is there any way to have fog in dx11?

also is there a way to do point rendering, not just wireframe?

Here :


there is no way to do it as render state? do i have to customize every shader with fog if i want foggy world?

ok i see now you can cons some geometry into shader which i didnt knew, but it looks like i have to learn hlsl anyway to be able to customize shader properly

You might consider making your fog effect as a post effect using depth buffer. Then it’s independent of your forward pass/render style/material stuff.

also for points quickest would be topology node

but i really like the workflow of fog as render state, i used to switch some object in or out of fog while doing visuals

but is there way how to excloude some objects from depthbuffer only for fog?

omg this vvvv game is getting harder and harder :D when i could done pretty much all i needed in dx9, dx11 comes and i have new levels of knowledge to beat :3

i think this is a very good one

For fog :
Easiest way is definitely post processing, if you want to exclude objects you can use stencil (make sure your depth buffer is d24s8 in that case). And Render State doesn’t work in 9 all the time either (if you use vs/ps 3), so might as well get started to integrate it anyway.

For point rendering :
Set topology to point, and you can also use PerVertexDrawer with it to avoid overdraw.


ported the above mentioned one.