DX11 FileTexture "isValid" not reliable

hi all,

I want to check if my textures are loaded, but the “is valid” pin is not always showing “valid” altought the textures are working. I have to connect a preview, for the pin to work reliably.

Is there a workaround?

Afaik it has always been this way, the texture needs to be rendered. And chances for it getting “fixed” are slim to none I guess. Maybe make an issue on github or get in touch with @vux and sponsor a fix.

Thx for the info! I guess I will put my money elsewhere. btw what is the best practice for this? hanging them textures onto a preview and toggeling them off after loading, or just loading blindly?

Depends what you are trying to achieve with that…

You can do prepass with getDimensions and check if texture size is 1 so you know your texture is loading…

yep, that will do it. thx

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