DX11 -> DX9 drops to below 1FPS if no DX11 renderer visible

(I put this in another thread some time back but it never got addressed.)

When doing a DX11 -> DX9 texture conversion, if you have no other DX11 renderer visible, the texture conversion rate drops down to less than 1FPS.

In the patch below, it runs nice and fast, but delete the Preview node and watch what happens - the DX9 update goes WAY down.

You can then add another Renderer (DX11), and the speed picks up again, even with the DX11 Renderer not hooked to anything! Alt-3 that renderer window, and back in the slow lane again.

sharer-1.v4p (11.1 kB)

Confirmed the preview doesn’t have to be visible and connected though just being in the patch makes it work, even after saving, closing and restarting the patch.

MacBook Pro / NVidia GForce GT 750 M, Windows 8.1 Pro x64, 45beta34.2x64

@bjoern you are right, how odd - a DX11 Renderer has to be visible even if disconnected for it to work, but the DX11 Preview node just has to be in the patch. Whasup wid dat?

I get the same behavior with the most recent published DX11 alpha (have not tried from github), 33.7 and 34.2 x86 betas, Win7 x64 Enterprise, on a variety of nVidia cards and also a laptop with Intel HD 4000. So sure looks like it’s in the DX11 alpha…