DX11 diagonal tearing

Hi all

I am making new patches using DX11 and since I am creating intense flicker tearing becomes very visible.

From DX9 I am used to horizontal tearing and the solution is to keep presentation interval to default or force it to be wait for frame.

I have no such option in DX11 and I have tried playing around with VSync and buffer numbers, but it doesn’t seem to help. And besides this, I am suspecting that it might be something different since the tearing in DX11 is diagonal.

You can see effect at 1:40 to 1:43 in this video: https://vimeo.com/131986582

I’m using a recent alpha with the latest DX11

Did you try to convert to DX9 and see if the output is doing the same tearing ?

I’ve seen tearing in dx11 too, I think that its the main issue at the moment!
As Manuel suggested shared texture to dx9 is a solution, there was a test build with a fullscreenable renderer that vux was working on, maybe talk to him and see where thats at?

It also seems to be worse when using multiple outputs.

this is rather strange effect… i haven’t seen anything like that in my patches…
can only suggest to check ur pipeline i think might some shader function is overextended or incorrect

could it somehow have something to do with the quad I am using?

it might be, since on tfx it uses triangle with mapped cords instead of quad, also might be an overlying primitive