DX11 Crash when Topology is set to undefined

Hi All (Mostly @Vux I guess)

I tried out @antokhio))'s nice Rutt Etra example in this thread: ((forum:rutt-etra-effect

more precisely this patch: sites/default/files/user-files/pixel11.rar

and I played around with changing the Topology in Topology (DX11.Geometry) to see what it did and when changing it to undefined my whole computer froze, mouse and keyboard did nothing. no ctrl+del nothing. only killing the power and starting over worked to get the machine up again.


as i remeber vux preferes bugreports on his github for easier tracking: https://github.com/mrvux/dx11-vvvv/issues

you have to be aware that, topology should be reflected in you shader
think it’s more of a hack now, i don’t have any crashes on nvidia, but sometimes i have to enable disable topology to make it work after restart patch

Vux has already made a fix on github, with some additional to do on it. so I would call this fixed for this forum thread.