DX11 Buffer Renderer problem


i attached a small example that depicts a problem with the dx11 buffer renderer.

when the elementcount of the renderer is changed it outputs 0 for one frame.
is it a bug?

elementcount.zip (4.7 kB)

This does seem a serious break in the DX11 pipeline.

Any change of the element count zeroes out all calculations in Compute Shaders for the frame when the count changed.

It’s the same as changing texture size i guess it clears the texture to the default color. that had a same behavior in dx9.
I think for variable length buffers append and consume buffers should be used (AppendStructuredBuffer, ConsumeStructuredBuffer)

Not a DirectX bug (tried in alpha and works as intended), please see post:


I tried it with alpha 32.1 and the bug still remains: