Dx11 block writer

Has anyone got this to work?

I connect a texture (eg from a renderer temp target, or kinect 2), set a filepath (with a dds extension) and hit write, but no file gets created…

post a pick of what cha doing, there is also hidden pin visible via inspektor “Create Directory” and make sure u add .dds
also raw dds quite heavy i’ve would map RGB to Depth first

test block writer.v4p (5.8 kB)

well it’s not working for me too ;] no idea why use normal writer texture instead

what does this node do?


I’m trying to improve the data rate when writing dds image sequences. Looks like these compression modes could help.

Hmm I wonder if the texture needs to be square / pow2 or something

Is that a temp target renderer? If not it will need it be I think O’ve had this before, browsing on a mac, sorry!

it needs these files in the core directory https://github.com/mrvux/FeralTic-SDX/tree/master/externals/directxtex

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