Dx11 blend advanced

Hi all,

I am struggling with the advanced blend node. I have white text with alpha and want to use pixel noise from another layer with a constant shader to control the text’s alpha.

Pixel processing is (WrittenPixel.RGB * Source Blend) [Operation] (Existing Pixel. rbg * Destination Blend)

I want to subtract the noise color from the text’s alpha, but it does not work. Or am I getting something wrong here?

The blend mode operates on pin order AFAIK. The blend operation has a source and a target. Does it “iterate” through the layers like that? And what does the first layer blend into?

color = layer 1(source) blend ???(target);
color = layer 2(source) blend color(target;
color = layer 3(source) blend color(target;

blendGlyphes.v4p (30.4 KB)

Never really managed to properly understand logic behind blend ;)
Try this might help:
06_BlendState_Presets.v4p (55.9 KB)

Yeah, I also just wanted to know how it works exactly :D
Wonder if there is anyone around here who does. @mburk ?

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good source! thx

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