Dx11 Advanced Text Rendering Problems

We had some memory-related bugs recently, across different projects and on different graphics cards. There is something going wrong in the moment the node generates the font textures and thus the font is rendered with lines. The lines are in the texture of the letters because you can see how they repeat.
Most of the time the problem is gone after restarting the patch.
On a Intel HD 4200 and HD 4600, the error is quite reproduceable, it depends on when the text (advanced) is first used, if other assets are loaded in the ram before, the text rendering will be distorted. But the graphics RAM usage of our project is never over 250MB, so it’s not out of RAM. I had the same Problem not reproduceable on a GeForce GTX1060 and a decent FirePro, too.
Screenshot Project 1 on a Intel HD 4600:

Photo Project 2 on a FirePro:

We were working with the DX11 pack for b33.7-x86 and the recent one for b35 x64 (1.0.1)

Any idea or is it “just” a bug in the texture generator?
Thanks :)

i wonder if it is related to this problem:

its html texture, but maybe both use DirectDraw text and the graphics card drivers have an error? just a wild guess…

yep, look like the same issue because the errors repeat on the specific letters. Same here.

Yes this is the same error.
I fixed this by changing the Sheet Mip Levels on the Text Settings node from 0 to 1 to 0 at the start.
Basically every change on the Text Settings node eliminated the error.

unrelated to this problem but related to this picture, which airport/terminal uses vvvv for these infos? that would be so cool to know

@schlonzo: maybe it doesn’t realy eliminate, just rerenders the textures? but thank you very much, I will try that.

@microdee: it’s Frankfurt Airport ;)
It was too late in the project that I noticed someone did a nice animatied airport ticker… :)

@schlonzo: I can’t find the corresponding node for text setting. It is included in the latest dx11-build, but can’t find the counterpart. changing values on a non connected settings note does nothing.

ah yeah, there is a hidden (text)renderer pin in the text(dx11) layer

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ok, hard to find. :D
This just solves another issue, too: Very Big Fontsize :) so cool!

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