DX11 1.1 SoftBodies


In the same project, I need to use the last version of dx11 (1.1) and the Soft Bodies from Bullet3D, missing in this 1.1 version, but available in the 0.7.1 DX11 version.

Is it possible to install DX11 1.1 in the packs, and to install only the Bullet part from DX11 0.7.1 somewhere?
All my attemps failed so far:

  • drag and drop VVVV.Nodes.Bullet.dll or BulletSharp.dll from 0.7.1 into the patch window
  • replace VVVV.Nodes.Bullet.dll and BulletSharp.dll from the 1.1 version by those one from the 0.7.1 version

Any other ideas?

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