Is there any chance to see vvvv running dx10 in the near (not too far i mean)future?..the new generation shaders looks amazing. Are u devvvveloper thinking of it? I think so…but tell us more…


since dx10 is vista only, it will take its time. but this depends also on the availability of the DX10 headers for delphi from clootie. they have a beta release already… and its important to take care about compatibility to dx9…

if vista wouldn’t suck, dx10 would be really great… but vista is a really bad os in it’s current state. so let’s wait for some service packs

OK. So clootie has released headers for DX10, I know they are still beta but they are certainly getting there. And vista has now got a service pack.

Are there any plans on the horizon for DX10 support in VVVV?



… I’m using Vista on my PC and I think it still suck!! So would love to see DX10 too but Vista is the most crashing system I’ve ever used (beside windows me … and that really sucked a lot)

oh, wow.

i remember ME very well.
in those i desired 98 SE back…


to discuss it the other way round:

the problem i see with vista is that nobody sees feels any reason to do (even microsoft doesnt seem to be able to list any stringent ones) and anyone seems sees only fear uncertainty and doubt related to changing the very basis of everyday work. i completely agree.

its a shame that dx10 is only bundled to vista, but there are some actual new possibilities with the improved architecture. but i like to ask: what are the next killer tricks + visualisations + algorithms you could and want to do with dx10?

the new geometry shader for example?

In no particular order…

  • Procedural geometry creation. Example: abstract structures can be built by the GPU itself and evolve over time with sound data.
  • Geometry shaders. Example: A series of line strips representing control points for a curve are passed to the geometry shader and depending on the complexity required the shader can automatically generate extra lines each of which provides a better approximation of a curve.
  • GPU smart particles. Example: particle flocking are driven by advanced particle systems with geometry shaders at their core. Realistic physics let particles collide with objects and react naturally.
  • Displacement mapping. Displacement maps are similar to texture maps but are accessed by the vertex engine.
  • Real time GPU soft shadows.
  • Soft particles, interactive/destructible environments.
  • Volumetric fire, smoke, and light.
  • Realistic motion blur performed in object-space.
  • Routing more graphics processing to the GPU avoids glitching & system hangs.

Good implementation of soft particles, volumetric lighting, and realistic motion blur makes a massive difference to the quality and richness of a real-time scene. When I started adding particles and motion blur to my scenes I instantly noticed they became more life like and smaller object/camera movements are more detectable.

As for geometry shaders, who knows what can be done with that.

I know vista isn’t great at the moment, so I’ve heard, but XP has never been that great either lets face it. My vvvv crashes pretty regular along with other bits of software that really push the system.

Also, there seems to be plenty of people playing the DX10 version of Crysis on DX10 only servers.

Come on people! Get behind me on the DX10 push. All this researching has made my mouth water and I now want it more!

+1 on the DX10 bandwagon
backwards compatability would be the issue
i could see cross-platform bugs arising as soon as any features become platform specific (which wouldn’t make life fun for the dev team).

Is there any way to just make the shader section DX10 by using some external libraries (clootie or whatever) which deal with everything (i.e. backwards compatability) for you? so we’d just be adding extra goodies to our .fx files? (i.e. no visible changes in the patch)