DX texture Alpha

dxtexture used to have an Alpha pin, which Im sure I used with rendering to png for tranparent pngs, I dont seem to be able to do this any more(I have tried setting the texture type to RGBalpha) is there anything Im missing?


I’ve been wondering this as well… And could really use it for some of the recursive madness I’m toying with :)

have a look at dx9textures TextureFormat pin (use inspektor). there you can choose a texture format that has an alpha channel. the numbers behind the characters (ARGB) tell you the bit depth this texture will use for the colorcomponents.

Thought id done that, I’ll check again!


the ‘repair’ option somtimes disables alpha …

Just tried again with rendering to png with a variety of 4 channel settings X8 A8 (same with the renderer) and the pngs dont keep the alpha channel, is there a work around or am I doing something wrong?!

ya. i think we had this before. pngs don’t save alpha. the directx-api function just doesnt do it if i remember correctly. would need some extra coding on our side.